Many times, the first platform prospects will look at is your website – the window to your brand. i-Media Consultancy showcase your company in the best of light through your website, filling it with the unique character and flavour of your business. With the big picture of engaging the prospects in mind, we would specially tailor web content copy writing to web design services that is user friendly and uniquely yours, and to finding your website in prominent pages in the search engines.



Graphics play a big part in your brand. What calls out to the prospects and consumers better than graphics that represent your business? iMedia Consulting offers graphic design service works with you to craft out unique and engaging visuals that speaks to your target audience. From logo that represents your brand to strong message engraved in the graphics in your marketing tools such as website, visual is a very strong tool for companies to garner positive response from the prospects.



With various marketing tools and platforms available, we tailor the best of your needs with the right marketing mix within your allocated budget, stretching your every dollar to share, promote and provide maximum exposure for your brand. Leveraging on tried-and-true traditional marketing platform, we provide brand and media planning from advised advertisement buys to advertisement creative marketing development.



What’s next after setting up of your very own website? Leveraging on right strategy and equipped with the right knowledge and social media tools, we seek to navigate with the ability to bring out your brand and reach out to the prospects in this crowded digital space. From Digital Marketing Services to Internet Marketing consulting services and Search Engine Marketing to Search Engine Optimization to the use of various social media platforms, we incorporate analytic and reporting as a tool to deliver the right message to the right target audiences with the right blend of digital tools allowing us to do just that. All in all, we bring in leads, encourage conversions and provide another platform for CRM and social media engagement.



We provide marketing & sales training to have your brand seen and heard and bringing your brand to life. To effectively reach your prospects, your sales team would be the core of the marketing and selling process. With the right selling tools, strategic tactic and marketing knowledge, your team would be equipped to open the doors to your prospects and showcasing the very best of your brand. With our result-driven and pro-active selling workshop that imparts both marketing know-how and sales skills, your team would be equipped with the perfect process and skills to effectively engage and connect with consumers and prospects.



Why wait for sales to come knocking on your door when you can reach out easily to them? At I Media Consultancy, we help you to connect and communicate two-way to your target audience so that you can grow your business quickly. From leads generation to leads qualifications and data verifications, we got it all covered professionally. We do understand that not one customer’s needs are the same, so contact us today to customise a suitable telemarketing plan for your business!



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