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Incorporation in 2013, iMedia Consulting has been taking care of clients’ needs for quality and decision-informing marketing insights. Our clients span across the spectrum from SMEs to MNCs. These corporations saw astonishing improvements in their digital presence which ultimately translated to increased sales. We believe in our strength, and always begin with the end in mind. More than just a buyer-seller relationship, we believe that we are PARTNERS in making your business triumph. This commands mutual respect. By putting you at the center of our strategy, we are committed to listen, understand, and deliver – that is, if you recognize our capabilities and fully trust us with your concern.

We believe in the human approach towards marketing – something that would touch and induce your customers towards purchase and retention. As such, iMedia trusts every single one of us with our unique valuable perspectives to enhance our offering. With our flat hierarchy, we expertly integrate each of our individual expertise to bring together a tailored strategy that would guarantee a high return for your marketing investments. Similarly, we would only work with partners who respect our worth genuinely.

As much as we can show you what we’ve done, it’s up to you to decide whether we are a right fit for your marketing directions. But, as you look through this profile, you will realise the iMedia passion in influencing every possible touchpoint. From traditional marketing to digital marketing, we understand the importance of the retaining the old, as well as the criticality in welcoming new trends. We are people who wholeheartedly wish to understand your business goals, ensure that your customers receive your sincerity, and build sustainable loyalty among them.

With the increasing complexity in the world of marketing from generation to generation, there is a greater need to work together and exploit each and every possible marketing opportunity that is available out there. We are confident in our skills & abilities in transforming businesses. We are ready to package your business into a wonderful piece of artwork that is highly sought-after by your customers. We are prepared to welcome potential partners who share this common vision with us.

Yours sincerely,
The iMedia Team